BOTH of my eGo-T’s are no longer working – flashing 3 times and 20 times

BOTH of my eGo-T’s are no longer working – flashing 3 times and 20 times

We have two eGo-T’s that are defective.

The problem occurs when I put a cartridge on the battery (which is fully charged) on my first eGo-T. Whenever I screw into the cartridge, really gradually and carefully, and hold the button down to just simply take a winner it flashes three times after which prevents, fundamentally maybe not permitting us define trichomes to take a winner.

This battery flashes about 20 times on my second eGo-T which is BRAND NEW (literally bought it yesterday and has never been used, also fully charged) when I apply a cartridge to the battery and hold the button down in an attempt to take a hit instead of flashing 3 times likes my other eGo-T.

This will be irritating me personally lot, please advise on which i will do.

EDIT – I attempted everything i have read online.

Purchase battery that is new done

Asking it fully – done

Messing because of the pin thing inside battery pack – done

Messing using the pin thing inside the charger – done

Tapping the battery pack for a surface that is hard an endeavor to realign pin – done

Pushed battery pack switch 5 times to show it off and on – done

If I am able to keep in mind properly, the 3 or 20 flashes on Ego batteries either suggest no atomiser or a circuit that is short. Therefore it appears like there is no connection involving the atomiser (cartridge) plus the battery pack itself. Whether this will be right down to a faulty cartridge or even a faulty battery pack, it is difficult to state unless the cartridge you are utilizing deals with a battery that is different.

My advice for your requirements, that you simply probably will not like, would be to purchase a device that is new. But a tool which wasn’t from 2013. Seriously, glance at any new devices which can be on the market and you will realise that they are all massively enhanced set alongside the Ego T. New devices are not as easy however, nonetheless they’re undoubtedly more dependable. And they’re going to also give far better feedback whenever there are problems since a display screen can show tonnes more details when compared to a flashing LED.

Many thanks for the response CircusMammoth

Therefore the reason I’m using a battery pack such as this is mainly because i really do maybe not vape utilizing vape oil but alternatively THC oil.

I want on holiday and wanted an easy and battery that is basic I am able to use my oil cartridge on. I actually do maybe perhaps not use Vape pencils in the regular to make certain that is the reason why I really do not need an even more expensive battery rather than actually trying to save money money when I simply purchased this brand brand new eGo-T yesterday.

Have not utilized the cartridge on some other batteries aside from the battery that is new bought in addition to other eGo-T I’ve had for a few months.

The cartridge has not been moved because it fails with either batteries.

The buddy i got myself this cartridge from is utilizing exactly the same cartridge with a cheapo battery like mine and their is working fine.

Please inform me when there is any such thing i will do